Participate in Survey on Sustainability within the Software Sector

Dear Software Industry Representative,

We invite you to participate in our anonymous survey focusing on sustainability within the software sector. By participating, you contribute to a collective effort towards a more sustainable future for our industry. Your perspectives will be a key element in identifying areas where improvement is needed and in recognizing existing best practices.

About the Survey:

This survey aims to gather data on various aspects of sustainability within software companies, ranging from current operational practices to customer requirements. Your responses will help us understand current sustainability trends, challenges, and opportunities in the software industry.

Open Dissemination of Results:

The results of this survey will be openly disseminated through SW4E webpages and LinkedIn and through the communication channels of the ecosystem members, providing valuable insights to all industry participants and stakeholders. Together, we can drive positive change and a more sustainable software industry.

How to Participate:

Simply click the link below to access the survey. Your responses will remain anonymous, ensuring confidentiality. The survey is open between 7.5. 2024-24.5.2024.

Thank you for your participation and for your dedication to sustainability in the software industry.

Best regards,

SW4E Ecosystem Sustainability Working Group Team

(Roope Pajasmaa and Markku Oivo DIMECC, Kaapo Seppälä and Tuomas Ranti University of Turku, Petri Kettunen University of Helsinki, Pekka Abrahamsson University of Tampere, Timo Paananen KELA)

SW4E ecosystems is established by software companies and responds to the challenges of growing complexity and demand by strengthening the know-how of software development methods, technologies and tools. SW4E  is funded by Business Finland and the participating companies, universities and institutions.

If you want to know more about this survey or about SW4E please contact Ecosystem Lead Roope Pajasmaa

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