Prof. Markku Oivo Joins SW4E as Distinguished Advisor

Prof. Markku Oivo will be spearheading the SW4E Ecosystem toward ambitious goals as a Distinguished Advisor, reflecting his over 40 years of experience in the ICT industry and academia.

Markku Oivo has been the professor and head of the M3S research unit at the University of Oulu. He has initiated and managed more than 100 national and international research projects and programs with tens of millions of euros national and international funding. He has had visiting positions at top research organizations and companies including Fraunhofer IESE.  

Prof. Markku Oivo
Prof. Markku Oivo

“I am excited about the opportunity to significantly influence the development of the Finnish software and ICT ecosystems as well as research and development activities. In my role at DIMECC Ltd, I get to enhance cooperation between businesses and research organizations, which is crucial for the advancement of our field. Additionally, I value the chance to develop collaboration between the industry and doctoral training pilots, which supports the creation of innovations and growth of expertise”, says Oivo. 

“An increasing part of both new business and the development of existing business is based on digital, software utilization and scalability. Here at DIMECC, the main focus of the development of technology sector ecosystems and customers’ technology business is to generate impact and growth for them. Achieving that requires versatile knowledge and understanding of the software industry, and Professor Markku Oivo is known to be one of the best experts in our country. It’s wonderful to have Markku in our team to help advance digitalization”, says Harri Kulmala the CEO of DIMECC. 

Software Engineering Ecosystem for Efficiency, Excellence, Experiments (SW4E) established by software companies and universities, tackles the challenges of increasing complexity and demand by enhancing expertise in software development methods, technologies, and tools. SW4E is a collaboration platform for entities for whom software plays a major role. With the desire to succeed in global markets SW4E will figure out how to concentrate on the essentials and accomplish growth.  

Additional information

Senior Ecosystem Lead Roope Pajasmaa +358 50 365 8351 roope.pajasmaa(at)

Distinguished Advisor Markku Oivo +358 50 4092332 markku.oivo(at)

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