Software Engineering Ecosystem Welcomes Four New Members 

The software engineering ecosystem SW4E is happy to announce the inclusion of four new members: Q4US, CSC Oy, Tampere University, and Åbo Akademi. The new members bring valuable knowledge and new ideas, helping the ecosystem achieve its goal of improving software engineering.  

“We are excited to welcome these new members to our ecosystem. Each brings unique strengths and perspectives that are invaluable as we strive to revolutionize the software engineering landscape,” says Senior Ecosystem Lead Roope Pajasmaa

Q4US is a quality-focused software development house dedicated to building custom software solutions tailored to specific business needs. Headquartered in Finland, with expert teams in Finland, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, and Australia, Q4US excels in developing enterprise software for web and desktop, cross-platform mobile applications, system integrations, business optimization, digital transformation, data intelligence, and AI/ML solutions. Its customer-centric approach and transparent development process have fostered long-term partnerships across the United States and Europe. 

CSC (Finnish IT Center for Science) offers IT services and support for research and education as well as companies. CSC hosts Europe’s fastest supercomputer, LUMI, which significantly enhances Finland’s and Europe’s capability to conduct large-scale scientific research and computational projects. 

Tampere University (TAU) is known for its leading research and new methods in software engineering. TAU focuses on software architectures, databases and and large language models in software engineering to advance new knowledge and helping the ecosystem achieve its goals. TAU’s newly founded GPT-lab helps ecosystem companies to accelerate their AI-based innovations. 

Åbo Akademi University offers master’s level education in computer science and engineering in the cities of Turku and Vaasa. ÅA research focuses on the development of reliable software and AI systems in complex, safety-critical industrial applications as well as on data-driven green transition in the energy, manufacturing and maritime sectors. 

The SW4E ecosystem is dedicated to achieving excellence in software engineering. It leads in innovation through teamwork. The new members will work with current members to tackle key challenges in software engineering. By combining their knowledge and resources, the SW4E ecosystem aims to boost innovation, improve software quality, and support sustainable development. 

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